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“SaY” it with Education: Hybrid Education

Just an idea around education..

Businesses have learned from the pandemic times, and most will probably embrace some form of hybrid working model, once things return to "normal".

Can colleges do so too?

India faces a regular challenge of insufficient number of college seats and a huge stress to students and parents, when it comes to admission times. The challenge is due to limited capacity, and lack of infrastructure as well as faculty and staff, to expand the capacities.

Embracing a hybrid model in colleges, could potentially address the problem. Consider having students attend classes from home like they are doing now. And having them come to college say, 1-2 days a week. This is to attend labs or engage with teachers, and also for the bonding and social engagement parts of college life. Rest of the time, they are attending from home.

This enables the same infrastructure and faculty, to potentially handle 3 times the number of students, with different students coming in, to use the same infrastructure, on different days of the week.

Same infra, same faculty (more or less) and you are enabling a far higher number of students to take benefit of the education facilities.

Makes sense? Can this be a solution to one huge education woe that our country faces?

Reach out to us with your thoughts.


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