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"SaY" it with education - Vital Skills every student must know to improve

The ability to read is a vital skill in every student's learning journey. There are five components which are key to developing reading skills right from an early age.

Phonemic Awareness

The understanding that spoken language words can be broken into individual phonemes. Being able to identify, manipulate and substitute the smallest units of sound - the building blocks of speech and the foundation of learning to read.


Turning those sounds into speech and being able to decode the written word - linking sounds and matching them to letters to formulate a word. Phonics instruction teaches students how to use these relationships to read and spell words.


The ability to read accurately, quickly and with expression - to make sense of the text without having to stop and decode each word. Reading Fluency and the ability to read orally with speed, accuracy, and proper expression is one of several critical factors necessary for reading comprehension.


Knowing what the words mean - helping kids to think more and understand. The larger the reader’s vocabulary (either oral or print), the easier it is to make sense of the text. Better understanding of the meaning of words leads to greater comprehension.


The complex cognitive process readers use to understand what they have read and the holy grail of reading! Critical thinking - being able to extract meaning, evaluate information and process ideas.

Armed with these five skills any student can improve his reading game.


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