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"SaY" it with a story: Carl the Deer Loved to Peer

He peered over here and he peered over there, Observing the world with an unblinking stare He wondered at windows and peeked into homes, He sat in the garden and studied the gnomes.

He lay on the grass and gazed at the stars, He stood by the road and scrutinized cars. He watched his reflection as it danced in the river, He once glanced at a centipede - but the legs made him shiver.

He marveled at sunlight as it filtered through glass, And tried to spot breezes as they ruffled the grass. He snuck up on squirrels - but they knew he was coming It might have been due to his habitual humming.

He gandered at moths and observed butterflies, He glared at a spider who was trying to catch flies. One day in the woods he was watching a bee When his friend Ted cried out “there’s a man in that tree!

His friends were all frightened, they ran off and hid. But Carl just stayed, and did what he did. Their eyes met through the branches and a contest began, The man stared at Carl, Carl stared at the man.

Who was trying not to blink, and began to feel sleepy This deer, he decided, was decidedly creepy But those antlers! “ He thought -“a magnificent prize! But he just won’t stop staring, and what’s with those eyes?

When he finally tore his eyes from the buck, He leapt from his stand and ran for his truck. He fled back to town, afraid for his life, what would he tell his friends, and his wife? That deer looked right through me - deep into my spirit! But the guys won’t believe me, they won’t won’t want to hear it!

So a yarn was created, events re-arranged. when he finally told it, the story was quite changed. I just missed my chance - he charged me head on! I looked down and back up, and the fierce deer was gone!! They ooh’d and they aah’d at the hunter’s tall tail And forgot all about how the hunter had failed. The more that they heard of the fearsome attack The more they agreed they would never go back.

So the forest was safe, and Carl was free To contemplate mushrooms and ogle at trees

The End


Who We Are:

At Spin A Yarn India: our mission is to become the primary outlet of children focused content by encouraging the participation of India’s latent indigenous story telling creativity, knowledge, and culture.

It is through stories that we define our identity, express our history and culture, learn and engage in all aspects of society. Stories are not only the first medium for communication, education and social integration, but are also at the heart of each person’s unique identity, cultural history and memory.

Spin A Yarn India has created a platform to enable “Storytellers” to come together to discover and share their passion for stories. A community of creators, dreamers and explorers united by their love for great stories.

Spin A Yarn India is a partner of the United Nations Indigenous Language and the Bhasha Sangam programs. Spin A Yarn India runs as a social enterprise. Profit is reinvested to support children from underprivileged backgrounds to gain access to books, education and in general to improve the literacy of families across India.


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