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"SaY": 'Indians are Natural Storytellers' ~ Shri Narendra Modi Ji

Spin A Yarn India ( is focused on Preserving, Protecting & Promoting Indigenous Languages in India to benefit our younger generation by inviting our older generation to Participate. As exclusive partners of the UNESCO Indigenous Language Programme and the Bhasha Sangam Initiative started by the Govt. of India; our focus is on helping our children understand the diversity of the numerous languages of our country, our heritage and culture via stories in Indigenous languages.

It is through language that we define our identity, express our history and culture, learn and participate in all aspects of society. Languages are not only the first medium for communication, education and social integration, but are also at the heart of each person’s unique identity, cultural history and memory.


Spin A Yarn India has created a platform to enable “Storytellers” to come together to discover and share their passion for stories. We are today a 90+ strong family of creators, dreamers, storytellers and educators united by our love for great stories.

“Community Involvement”

Alongside this, Spin A Yarn India works with more than 600+ schools across the country where we conduct The Read Aloud Project ( The focus of The Read Aloud Project is to improve the literacy of children by engaging the parent community within schools by highlighting the importance of reading aloud to kids at home.

“Project based learning” / “Collaborative work” / “Passion/Strengths”

We have also recently announced the launch of The Spin A Yarn India Magazine ( The magazine is for the children, by the children. We have partnered with multiple schools across the city to get together a core group of students who will work on creating, editing and publishing the content in a collaborative environment. This will be one-of-a-kind initiative where children from various schools will come together, not to compete, but to collaborate. This monthly subscription magazine will be available April, 2021 onwards.

A child’s day isn’t epic until they’ve heard a new story. We’re spreading the love of stories every day, and we’d love for you to help us build this word-learning community.

Looking forward to your support to highlight the importance of literacy, languages and storytelling to a larger community.

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