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"SaY" it with a story: How Mohandas became the Mahatma

When someone in Bengal requested a message from Gandhiji, he said four words in Bengali: ‘Amar Jivani Amar Vani’ - My life is my message.

That means, he wished that his message should be found in his work and practice, rather than just in words.

The purpose of presenting incidents of Gandhiji’s life here, in the form of a ‘How Mohandas Became the Mahatma’, is to focus on several scattered incidents of his life in order to introduce ourselves to the manifestation of different levels of greatness of his life. Each of these incidents represents and brings out various powerful aspects of his grand personality.


You can download the book here:

How Mohandas Became The Mahatma
Download PDF • 9.46MB

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